Download ScalaCheck 1.14.0

Here you can download the current release of ScalaCheck manually, or get instructions on how to use sbt or Maven to retrieve ScalaCheck automatically as part of your build process.

ScalaCheck has no dependencies other than the Scala runtime. If you need help setting it up, take a look at the Scala documentation.

Since the various major releases of the Scala compiler aren’t compatible with each other, ScalaCheck is built for each major version of Scala. Below you can find ScalaCheck builds available for download. Make sure you download the build that matches the version of the Scala compiler you’re using. ScalaCheck’s support for non-current releases of Scala is maintained on a best effort basis. If you can’t find a build for your version of Scala below, you can try using another ScalaCheck release.

ScalaCheck 1.14.0 builds

scalacheck_2.12-1.14.0.jar for Scala 2.12
scalacheck_2.11-1.14.0.jar for Scala 2.11
scalacheck_2.10-1.14.0.jar for Scala 2.10

Sources and API documentation

ScalaCheck 1.14.0 sources .jar .zip .tar.gz browse
ScalaCheck 1.14.0 API docs .jar .zip .tar.gz browse


If you’re using sbt it is very easy to include ScalaCheck as a dependency in your project, since sbt automatically selects and downloads the correct build of ScalaCheck for the version of Scala you’re using. Just make sure your project definition file includes the following:

You can then put files containing ScalaCheck properties in the directory src/test/scala in your sbt project. sbt will automatically test all properties it finds when your run sbt test. For example, if you put the quick start example in src/test/scala/StringSpecification.scala, you can run sbt tests like this:

$ sbt test
[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to ./target/scala-2.10/test-classes...
[info] + String.startsWith: OK, passed 100 tests.
[info] ! String.concatenate: Falsified after 0 passed tests.
[info] > ARG_0: ""
[info] > ARG_1: ""
[info] + String.substring: OK, passed 100 tests.
[error] Failed: Total 3, Failed 1, Errors 0, Passed 2
[error] Failed tests:
[error] 	StringSpecification
[error] (test:test) sbt.TestsFailedException: Tests unsuccessful
[error] Total time: 4 s, completed Oct 30, 2013 3:53:43 PM

For more information on how to use ScalaCheck with sbt, please see sbt’s documentation.

SNAPSHOT versions

Snapshot releases of ScalaCheck is automatically published by Travis for every successful build of the master branch. They have version names on the form 1.13.0-3723d3f-SNAPSHOT, where the middle part is the short git revision of the build. You can try out any snapshot release by adding this to your sbt build file:

Other resources


ScalaCheck is released under the 3-clause BSD license